Classic US Covers

US Scott #2 On Cover

Washinton DC, to Ohio circa 1847.

Interesting pen cancel.

Pan American Exposition on Cover 

US Scott #294, 295, 296, 297 and 298 on cover.

US Scott #11 on Cover CSA Use, Western Military Institute 

Pre- War 1857, Nashville, TN 

Back of the Book

US Scott #C3 Unused "Grounded Plane"

Wheels and shading well into “Cents” as required to legitimately be the extremely popular Grounded Plane vignette shift variety,

US Scott RT2d Match & Medicine Corning & Tappan

Rare medicine revenue stamp, with only 16 known!

US Scott J37 Unused Block of 4

VF NH 50c Postage Due, in unused condition.

Finds Under $100!

US Scott #113-117 - Pictorial Series - Used

A nice used selection of some early US classic favorites.

US Scott #87L43 Hussey's Special Message Post

Block of 4 local post

Mixed US Classics Lot

Great selection of 45 used classic U.S. stamps, mostly from the 19th century. Lot includes high value stamps from the Pan American, Trans Mississippi and Columbian Exposition Issues. 

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