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SEE the DIFFERENCE at Americana Stamps!

With over 40+ years of experience in the philatelic world, Americana Stamps understands the process of buying, consigning, and selling from both the auction house and private collector perspective.

Over the years, we have observed limited accessibility when viewing auction catalogs in print and online formats. As a perspective bidder, it is essential to understand what exactly is being offered, in both quality and quantity. More often than not, we have discovered that most auction houses will only provide minimal descriptions accompanied by low-quality photos at best, to no description or no images at worst. This model caters to those individuals who have the ability to view lots in person; however, it excludes those who desire the convenience of browsing auction catalogs online or those who otherwise have no means to preview in-person, especially during these times of travel restrictions with the pandemic.

We have spent hundreds of hours and years traveling across the country to preview lots in-person, only to learn that potentially interesting lots were far different than as portrayed in the printed or online catalog.

For these reasons, Americana Stamps has begun a paradigm shift in the Philatelic industry. While other auction houses will only provide a few quick photos or provide no images at all, ALL of our lots include high-resolution images to showcase what is being sold, no matter the value. This includes photos of the stamp or cover front, back, postmarks and close-up details of images where helpful.


All of our lots, include high-resolution images. Including close-up images of of the stamp or cover, front and back, including post marks and other details.

Below are examples from our Summer "22 Sale at Stamp Auction Network, follow the link below for the entire auction:

Americana Stamps Summer '22 Sale, See the Difference- US Postal History and Stamps - July 30-31, 2022

"Pictures speak a thousand words," so we make imagery our priority.

See below to visualize the level of detail that images provided by Americana Stamps boast compared to other auction houses.

US Scott #1 1847 Stamp
Other Auction House on Left, Americana Stamps on Right
Close-Up Comparison, revealing the fine level of detail at Americana Stamps

Our high-resolution images allow you to see the finest of details, including the fibers of the paper.

Rare Bouton's Manhattan Express Stamp

Close-up stamp photo

Check out our Summer '22 Sale on Stamp Auction Network to "SEE the DIFFERENCE" yourself!

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